Few kilometres westwards of Diakopto is found the known tourist resort Elaionas (Trypia) that assembles crowd of tourists and allocates all the infrastructure for pleasant stay and service. In beautiful Botsalenia beach that you will be surely glad of unique and carefree vacations that can include relaxation or secular rhythms, depending on your references.

In the village dominates the temple of Saint Vasileios that celebrates 1 January while the Monastery of Megalo Spileo (Big Cavern) allocates there metochi and properties. In the mountain, that imposingly unfolds his volume above Trypia, is found a cavern which is identified with that of Hercules. Pausanias reports for this cavern that going down from Boura (ancient city) to the sea someone meets the river of Bouraikos and sees in a cave the statue of Hercules.